California Recreation Alliance

Shoreline Riders Inc.

Shoreline Riders, Inc. allows the CRA the opportunity to teach our classes in a central location, while offering the SRI members the opportunity to desensitize their horses to the sights and sounds of an ATV.  The rodeo arena, located on Turner Road in Fort Bragg has a parking lot that is perfect for our classes, allowing students the unique opportunity to take their class close to home while interacting with the equestrian community.  Students learn first-hand how to be respectful members of the recreation community by seeing what kind of impact off-highway vehicles can have on a horse.  Conversely, members of SRI can bring their horses in close to the ATV's without fear of the ATV's riding fast, or gunning their engines.  

Shoreline Riders has been a loyal and supportive partner to the CRA, allowing us to hold our classes and teach students in a safe place.