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MCRPD Receives OHV Grant Funding

On June 5th, MCRPD was notified that they were awarded both a Restoration and a Planning Grant from the OHV Division.  The work to begin restoring the 586 acres and plan for a future park will start soon!  With this funding, the entire property will be fenced, the concrete debris lining Summers Lane and Highway 20 will be removed, trash and invasive species brought in by illegal OHV use will be cleaned up, restoration of the delicate pygmy forest will begin and the environmental work necessary to develop an OHV park will be done!  

Mendocino Coast Parks and Recreation District

MCRPD Property Early 2015
MCRPD Property Early 2015

The Mendocino Coast Recreation and Parks District is a special district located along the Mendocino Coast.  They are the owners of a 586 acre property, commonly referred to as the "Highway 20 Property".  This property was originally purchased to be developed into a golf course and region park facility.  However, financial hard times hit and the development was not possible. 

Over the last twenty years, this property has become a local illegal OHV area, with people trespassing on the property, riding at all hours, with no regards for the environment or the neighbors that they are impacting.  The area is also being used as an illegal dump, with trash and debris being strewn across the landscape.  Even though this property was once a logging unit, there are many special habitats including rare Pygmy forest and the Newman Gulch Watershed that must be protected. 

MCRPD and CRA have partnered and have obtained two grants from the California State OHV program to restore this property.  This is the first step in repairing many years of environmental damage and destruction.  The property will be biologically surveyed to determine what species of plants and animals exist and what needs to be done to protect rare, threatened and endangered species or habitats.  The needed reports and permits will be filed and the property will be fenced.  This is necessary to prevent further environmental degradation. 

Once these steps are completed, the plans for a multi-use recreation facility, focusing on off highway vehicles, can be developed. Currently, MCRPD is allowing the CRA to use the Highway 20 property to hold the Free Kids Quad Safety Training Courses on a 400 foot by 500 foot area and to take children on guided "Trail Riding Etiquette Courses". 

The most common statement heard when discussing this project is "How can MCRPD and the CRA destroy this pristine property?".  We welcome anyone who would like a tour of the property to see first hand what kind of degradation and destruction have taken place to contact us.  We will be more than happy to arrange for a tour.