California Recreation Alliance

The CRA partnered with the Mendocino Coast Recreation and Park District in 2014 to begin using the 586-acre parcel to teach our ATV Safety Classes, Trail Ride Basics Safety Classes and now, Dirt Bike Safety Classes.  In exchange for use, we provide security patrols, clean up, and act as land managers for this property.  We have worked with the District to begin the process of developing an OHV park on this land, located approximately 2 miles east of Fort Bragg.  We worked to help secure a California Off-Highway Motor Vehicles Fund Planning Grant to be used to do an Environmental Impact Report and and Economic Feasibility Study related to the potential OHV use and revenue.  The District also secured a OHV Grant for Restoration that will allow the property to be fenced (entirely), proper gates installed, restore areas that have been damaged by illegal OHV use in the sensitive Mendocino Cypress Pygmy Forest areas and remove invasive species and trash and other debris spread by illegal OHV use.  Over $1 million of donated time, materials equipment rental fees and operator hours are being provided by the CRA and the local OHV community to meet the required match for these grants.  

Currently, there is no legal place for OHV recreation on the Mendocino Coast.  The nearest legal riding opportunities are Cow Mountain, between Lakeport and Ukiah and Samoa Dunes in Eureka.  Both locations are a minimum of 2.5 hours from Fort Bragg.  Without legal places to ride, many people resort to trespassing on local private lands, State Forests and other publicly held property.  This creates a myriad of problems including erosion issues, damage to roads not maintained for OHV use, and damage to habitats by off-trail riding.  

A local citizens group along with the Dorothy Young Chapter of the Native Plant Society and the Mendocino Sierra Club group are apposed to this project.  They are concerned about the noise, dust, air pollution and potential damage to the sensitive plant habitat that makes up part of the Regional Park Property.    They have attacked this project and continue to work hard to derail it before we can even get the EIR finished.  The current situation at this location includes rampant illegal OHV trespass riding, creating noise and dust as well as off-trail riding and "trail blazing" through sensitive habitats.  Without a fence, there is no way to keep people from using this property as they want, with no supervision, guidance or rules.  This is creating a wide

MCRPD Regional Park Property ~ A future OHV Park?

Current State of the Project