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A Special Thank you to Kaleidoscope Productions

Kaleidoscope Productions, based in New York and San Francisco, recently made a donation to the Lake Cleone Boardwalk Fund!  This fun production crew was on the coast recently filming a commercial (sorry, we can't reveal what it was for).  They used several areas at our local parks and wanted to give back to the parks!  The chose to make a donation to our project!  So thank you to Jof & Crew.  We can't wait to see your ad!

About Friends....

Friends of Lake Cleone is proud to be part of the California Recreation Alliance.  FOLC was started approximately two years ago when Steve & Irene Miller helped organize the first "work weekend" to help repair the Lake Cleone Boardwalk with the help of Park Champions, part of California State Parks Foundation. 

Steve had been visiting Lake Cleone for years and shortly after he married Irene, he brought his new bride to one of the most romantic places he could think of, Lake Cleone.  He was dismayed to find that the boardwalk was closed due to detiroration and lack of funds by California State Parks.  Instead of doing nothing, Steve and Irene began a campaign to repair this unique landmark.  During the first work weekend, the Miller's made many contacts and this led to the creation of Friends of Lake Cleone.  The California Recreation Alliance is proud to be part of this ongoing project. 

To date, the majority of funding for this project has come from private donors, grants and the California State Parks Foundation.  To be a part of this ongoing project or to donate, please see Friends of Lake Cleone's Facebook Page.

Friends of Lake Cleone would like to thank June & Bob, Dr. John, Ada, Koneske Photography & Bay Area Sea Kayaker's for their generous donations!  This project exists because of the generosity of people like you!