California Recreation Alliance

Another of our many classes!
One of our many classes!

Do you want to learn how to be a responsible member of the recreation community?  We offer Free Trail Riding Basics & Etiquette Courses.  We take children on guided trail rides on the Highway 20 property, east of Fort Bragg.  These trail rides offer students the opportunity to refresh their skills, learn new trail riding techniques, learn about trail etiquette and see first-hand what kind of environmental damage riding off trail and trespassing can cause.  These classes are open to students who have completed the ASI/MSF Safety Course and possess a valid ASI/MSF Safety Certificate.  

Trail Riding Basics & Etiquette.

We offer free ATV maintenance classes to teach children the basics of maintaining their equipment.  These classes focus on simple repairs and general maintenance.  Each class teaches children the importance of proper equipment care and safety basics. 


We offer free ATV/Dirtbike safety courses for children.  These courses are taught by ASI/MSF certified instructors and all equipment and materials are supplied.  These classes are open to children age 7 and up and are completely free of charge.  This four hour class covers the proper use of safety equipment, how to check out your ATV/Dirtbike prior to riding, safe riding training, being a responsible member of the recreation community and environmental stewardship.  Currently, we have two training locations in Fort Bragg- Shoreline Rodeo Grounds & the Regional Park Property, one location at Samoa Dunes and our newest location in Lakeport!  Students who successfully complete the course earn an ASI/MSF Safety Certificate, required for riding on public lands.